Saturday, June 16, 2007

Discovering Polymer Clay and Lovin' it!

I was back to Singapore in March for visiting and saw a new clay shop in town. Immediately I fall in love with the critters and itsy-bitsy stuff they made out of clay. So when I returned to Austin I begin my research about polymer clay thru the internet and voila! I found Polymer Clay Central (PCC). They have almost all answers to my questions about Polymer Clay and I was facinated with the works done by all the talented artists.

To start my first project, I had to decide what I want to do. There are plenty of tutorials available at PCC. I like cane but seems too complicated to start with, so I decided to try Filigree projects. I rush to Hobby Lobby, which is 8 mins drive from my place, and get PREMO, extruder and some other tools.
Following this the first "FiliCATbylilin"- GERALD was created. Then it was FiliCAT GOLDIE. I'm done with filigree for now.

Next project, I'm trying out Cane and started with TrueLeigh Rose and Leaf Cane (tutorial from PCC). This project is quite fun but I don't enjoy reducing the cane. I am impressed with the patience of those cane artists who reduced cane from the block the size of a football (or bigger). My Salute to them! Enough on Cane, for now, next...

I need inspirations. The thing about the Internet is there are plenty of "links" that brings you from one site to another. I can't recall how did I get there but somehow I ended up at this site: Like the cupid's arrow it hits right to my heart -- I'm just falling in love with her creations! Christi has 3 instruction books available then and I can't decide which to get. My way is, when you can't decide, just get it all! (The 4th book was released this month and I can't wait to have it in my hands)

Now you can see my CF's Style "TURTLESbylilin" and the latest "DRAKONbylilin" available for sale at my etsy shop ---

I don't know what my next project is... so check my blog and etsy shop frequently ;)

PC Lovin' it...


Anonymous said...

Great works! I especially like your dragon.

bellacolle said...

OOOOOHHHH... sooo neat! I really love the intricate work you have done! Good work! found your blog on the etsy roll call, thought I'd stop by and say "hi"

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Very cute critters and flowers! You havae learned fast!

onemotherslove said...


onemotherslove said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found you through the Etsy TX Yahoo group.

Moving back to Singapore

Yes, I am going home... I will miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels' a lot! Hope I will have the time to continue claying 🙌