Friday, July 25, 2008


I was supposed to work on the photos of my new items... but just not in the mood to get through with it. Probably it has something to do with the weather.

As usual, I'll be sitting right in front of my pc browsing through ETSY just to check out what others has to offer. There are so many talented artist out there doing all sort of amazing things -- HANDMADE!! I need to feed my brain with inspirations and ETSY is one of the place to go to. Sometimes I ended up shopping a bit too, lol.

Here are 2 shops which I came across and would like to share:

Dragons' Lover -- you'll definitely love what this shop has to offer! Dragons with characters and stories behind each of it. My favorite is this Hugoo of the Water Clan.


Another favorite finding is this extraordinary sea creature -- The OCTOPUS!! This artist also works on items inspired by CF (like me) and I must say that she did a great job on her pieces. Seeing this gives me the urge to start trying out sea theme.


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Cat said...

Love your work! Those are great. I think my favorite is the top right peacock pendant. Although... the round one in the center is really cool too...

Moving back to Singapore

Yes, I am going home... I will miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels' a lot! Hope I will have the time to continue claying 🙌