Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veined Marble Faux Effect Technique

I have tried out a new technique today creating Faux Veined Marble (based on Carol Blackburn's book).

It was a fun process which involved chopping up clay, adding sparkle to it, followed by re-moistening, coloring, let dry and shaping the clay... a bit messy though. That is why I had it done on cardboard, ;p

After heat-cured for an hour (it's a long wait but I had my work table cleaned up and cuddled with Lucas) this is how my creations look like, which reminds me of salted duck eggs covered in a thick layer of salted charcoal paste.
Ain't pretty looking but after spending an hour or so standing in front of the sink hand-sanding them (I've got blister!), WAHLAH! They are simply gorgeous!

My first Faux Veined Marble Pendant... which will go into my 5 Elements Collections - the Earth category.


You can see how the other two pieces turned out - see "FAITH" and "CASUAL" at my shop.

My SAY for today:
The fun part about this technique is that you never know what you will be getting until sanding time. It's always surprising how it turns out. Each piece has unique individuality and no two pieces will ever be alike!
The not-so-fun part is sanding/buffing time where I got the blister on my thumb. If only I have the sanding/buffing machine... the work would definitely be easier and the results would have been much pleasing. Meantime with the help of gloss finishing I am happy with the results. Anyway, working on artwork takes time and lot of TLC, so why not just enjoy each steps and find joy throughout --- this works better than meditation for me, (for now). In any case, I will still ask Santa for a sanding machine for Christmas. LoL ;p

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Moving back to Singapore

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