Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gingerbread JoJo

Here's JoJo. I am happy that I managed to complete her today... almost. Only three more steps to go (baked, patina & sealed with finishing). My original intention was to dress her in PJ with laces, but I was too excited when I had the quilted blanket done so by accident the blanket was wrapped up on her before she had her PJ on. So, this is it!

JoJo has pink cheeks!
I applied pink blusher powder on her cheeks to give her a more radiant smile - it's a jolly season so she has to look bright with joy! Cheers!

This quilted pillow has a letter 'J' monogram on it. Just a personalize touch for this lovely gift. (smile)

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Moving back to Singapore

Yes, I am going home... I will miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels' a lot! Hope I will have the time to continue claying 🙌