Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turtles Gone Swimming!

It's Summer and weather in Texas is 99'F (37'C).

My turtles Caelle and Emeree couldn't stand the heat so they went swimming! Imagine the sea breeze and splashy waves... cool water... Gosh I wish I could hang a sign saying "GONE DIVING"! (sigh)

Turtle Caelle

Turtle Emeree

My intention for these art pieces were to be worn as pins. As they would also look gorgeous as focal bead pendants for necklaces, or probably as magnets on a fridge, or just for decor... I couldn't made up my mind. So I just leave them as it is and let the owner-to-be decides.

* inspired by CF

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Moving back to Singapore

Yes, I am going home... I will miss Hobby Lobby and Michaels' a lot! Hope I will have the time to continue claying 🙌